David Meyer has had the privilege to carry on a trusted family   owned carpet and upholstery cleaning business that began in 1946 . He has worked independently since 1975 and is well known in the Seal Beach area.  He is known for his integrity, strong work ethics and his genuine caring personality.

David is the type of person that does the job right the first time.  He listens to his customers needs and does whatever he can to deliver exactly what they ask for.  He is not someone that gives up or takes short-cuts when the going gets tough.  His long standing reputation in the same industry shows his dedication and commitment as a business owner.

In 2003 David was diagnosed with cancer.  With the help and strength of his loving family and knowledgeable physicians and his faith, David conquered cancer and came back stronger than ever.  It was at this time that David added the Living Strong logo to his business profile.  David understands that every moment matters as does every person he meets.  His vitality and passion for his work are contagious and can be felt by everyone he meets.

Not only is David dedicated to his customers, he also really takes care in choosing the products he uses.  He does not use any harsh chemicals that could harm his customers.  All of his products are non-toxic and non-allergenic.  Many companies use very harsh chemicals that just clean the surface of the carpet, and they do the job quickly with very little effort.  This can leave a residue of chemicals in the fibers of the carpet and upholstery which can cause allergies and respiratory problems.  This also leaves the dirt and debris in underlying fibers untouched to only resurface later.  David does not rely on these toxic chemicals to do his job.  He has a rigorous four-step process that involves; pre-soaking, pre-scrubbing, cleaning, and then complete hot water extraction of the dirt and debris.  When David completes a job, the carpet, rugs, and upholstery look and feel brand new.  One of the biggest joys that David receives from his work is that his customers are very happy when he is done.  He feels fortunate to be able to bring the life back into people’s carpets and upholstery and brighten up their homes.

~David Meyer~

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